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“새정부 경제정책방향 관련 향후 기업 규제 및 조세정책 개관”

South Korea - June 16 2022 윤석열 정부 출범 이후, 향후 정부의 5년간 정책방향을 살펴볼 수 있는 경제정책방향이 오늘 발표되 었습니다. 저성장을 극복하고 민간중심의 역동적인 경제를…

Jun Young Choi, Dong Suk Kim, Ki Sung Koo, Ji Woong Park

Summary of President-elect Yoon’s Policy Pledge & Impacts on Industries

South Korea - March 18 2022 Supply at least 2.5 million houses for five years through the relaxation of Regulations on housing supply/redevelopment, reconstruction and…

Moon, Il Bong, Sang Wook Cho, Jeong Yeol Choe, Yong Whan Choi, Cecil Saehoon Chung, Sung Wook Eun, Jae Hyung Jang, Hong Kim, Sung Bom Park, Ju Bong Park, Young Su Shin, Doil Son

2018 Tax Law Amendments Proposal (International Tax)

OECD - July 31 2018 The Ministry of Strategy and Finance ("MOSF") announced its proposed tax law amendments for 2018 (the "2018 Tax Amendments") on July 30, 2018…

Kyu Dong Kim, Kyung Geun Lee

Status and Outlook Regarding North Korea Economic Sanctions

North Korea, South Korea - July 24 2018 The recent inter-Korean summit in Panmunjeom in April 2018, and the United States (“US”)-North Korea summit in Singapore in June 2018, have brought…

Soo-Yeon Han, Woo, Jae Hyong, Yoo, Jai Eun Jane, Tong Chan Shin, Sai Ree Yun

Strengthening of Taxpayer’s Safeguards Regarding Temporary Custody of Documents During Tax Raids

South Korea - January 30 2018 When Korean tax authorities conducted a tax raid (i.e., a tax audit conducted without provision of prior notice to taxpayer), the authorities have…

Lim, Jeong Hun, Kyu Dong Kim