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Wage Peak Systems: Implications of the Supreme Court’s Recent Decision

South Korea - June 8 2022 In Korea, many companies have adopted compensation schemes whereby employees' wages are gradually reduced after they reach a certain age, several…

Jungwoo Lee, Tae Eun Lee, Soojung Lee, Christopher Mandel

대법원 2017다292343 임금피크제 사건 판결의 의의와 그 적용 범위

South Korea - May 27 2022 피고 전자부품연구원(이하 ‘피고 회사’)은 2008. 6. 10. 노동조합과의 합의로 근로자의 정년을 기존 과 동일하게 61세로 유지하면서 55세 이상 근로자들의 임금을 감액하…

Kyu Sok Cho, Jin Su Choi, Ji Wan Ryu

Summary of President-elect Yoon’s Policy Pledge & Impacts on Industries

South Korea - March 18 2022 Supply at least 2.5 million houses for five years through the relaxation of Regulations on housing supply/redevelopment, reconstruction and…

Moon, Il Bong, Jeong Yeol Choe, Yong Whan Choi, Cecil Saehoon Chung, Sung Wook Eun, Jae Hyung Jang, Hong Kim, Sung Bom Park, Ju Bong Park, Young Su Shin, Doil Son, Kim, Dong Soo

New Payslip Requirements for Employers in Korea

South Korea - January 18 2022 New requirements for payslips have come into effect for employers in Korea pursuant to a 2021 amendment to the Labor Standards Act. Large employers…

Wansoo Kim, Jungwoo Lee, Soojung Lee, Christopher Mandel

Introduction to Korea's Severe Accidents Penalties Act for Construction Companies

South Korea - January 12 2022 Korea has long had a variety of statutes aimed at workplace safety. These include a general workplace safety law, the Occupational Safety and Health…

Won Jung, Yu Chul Jung, Jungwoo Lee, Soojung Lee, Christopher Mandel, Ju Bong Park, Won Jae Shin