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Removing vaccination as a condition of employment

United Kingdom - February 3 2022 The regulations requiring front line health workers to be vaccinated against Covid-19 (Coronavirus) as a condition of employment were due to come…

Richard Fox

Whistleblowing in the UK: In Summary

United Kingdom - January 31 2022 The EU, when considering what its own whistleblowing protection laws should look like, recognised that the UK already grants comprehensive protection…

Andreas White

Covid vaccination and the workplace - what you need to know

United Kingdom - January 24 2022 Stories regarding big employers such as Citibank in the US mandating vaccination as a condition of employment (“no jab, no job”), the experience of…

Richard Fox

Omicron is here. What does that mean for employers?

United Kingdom - December 1 2021 At the time of writing, the number of cases in the UK of the new coronavirus variant, Omicron (technically, the B.1.1.529 variant), had reached 32…

Richard Fox

World Menopause Day - time to break the taboo!

United Kingdom - October 20 2021 The subject of menopause seems to be receiving increased attention in recent months, not least following Davina McCall’s documentary on Channel 4 and…

Nikola Southern