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Q4 | 2018

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New French Forced Heirship law likely to breach EU Succession Regulation

European Union, France, United Kingdom - October 7 2021 Prior to the passing of this French law, under EU law an international individual with French and English* links and UK nationality could elect for…

Laura Harper

French matrimonial regimes: the wide ranging impact for couples with Anglo French connections

France, United Kingdom - December 5 2019 The concept of matrimonial regimes is becoming increasingly well known in England, having been a stalwart of the French marriage process for…

Colleen Nwaodor (Francais)

Les régimes matrimoniaux français : leur impact à large spectre pour les couples ayant des connexions franco-britanniques

France, United Kingdom - December 5 2019 Le concept de régime matrimonial est devenu de plus en plus connu en Angleterre, ayant été la pierre angulaire de la procédure du mariage en France…

Colleen Nwaodor (Francais)

I’ve been appointed as an executor under a Will - what are the responsibilities?

United Kingdom - October 22 2019 One of the most crucial aspects of making a Will is deciding who will be entrusted to carry into effect its provisions. An executor is a person…

New probate fees - stealth death tax for the middle classes

United Kingdom - November 14 2018 The government announced that from April 2019, fees payable to the Probate Registry to obtain a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, which…

James Ward