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Proving a Missing Will

United Kingdom - August 15 2022 In the recent case of Cooper v Chapman [2022] EWHC 1000 (Ch), a Will of which the executed copy had been lost and of which only a draft on a computer…

Sophie Mass

Good Divorce Week: Making sure children always comes first.

United Kingdom - December 3 2021 Resolution is a community of 6,500 family justice professionals who believe that a non-confrontational approach to Family Law issues produces better…

Lauren Evans

New guidance encourages judicial review practitioners to be concise, succinct and prepared

United Kingdom - August 13 2021 The new Practice Direction states that the Claim Form must contain all material facts relevant to the claim and the claimant must make proper and…

Nick Wrightson

Regulating working conditions: a ‘one stop shop’ approach to tackling modern slavery

United Kingdom - July 29 2021 To meet widespread concern about vulnerable workers and working conditions in industries including agriculture, fashion, food and waste disposal…

Sophie Kemp

Victims’ Code set to change

United Kingdom - November 26 2020 On 18 November 2020, the government confirmed that it is proceeding with planned changes to the Victims' Code, following a consultation that began on…

Shannett Thompson