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Environmental Law Quarterly Update - Q2 2021

OECD, United Kingdom - July 22 2021 On 1 April 2021 the Environment Agency reported it had successfully prosecuted two directors for operating a regulated facility without a permit. The…

Nicola Finnerty, Sophie Wood

A review of ethical standards for RICS Chartered Surveyors: avoiding conflict when carrying out Red Book valuations

United Kingdom - March 18 2020 Across all industries there has been an increased focus on ethical behaviour of businesses in recent years. Adhering to a strict ethical code of…

Julie Norris

Striking a balance or tipping the scales? The Independent Review of Administrative Law and the possible reform of Judicial Review

United Kingdom - September 28 2020 On 31 July 2020 the Government launched an Independent Review of Administrative Law (‘the Review’). The panel of lawyers and academics, chaired by…

Nick Wrightson

Parliamentary scrutiny in the time of Coronavirus

European Union, United Kingdom - November 11 2020 As a new nationwide lockdown comes into effect, Stephen Parkinson and Charlie Roe from our Public Law team, consider the often limited role of…

Stephen Parkinson

The Judicial Review and Courts Bill: Proposed reform of Judicial Review

United Kingdom - November 22 2021 As we highlighted in our earlier blog following the Bill’s announcement, the proposed reforms are, at first sight, milder than had been feared…

Nick Wrightson