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Recharge Payments relating to International Stock-Based Compensation

Israel - January 27 2021 Yesterday, the Israel Tax Authority ("ITA") published circular 1/2021 (the "Circular") addressing the ITA's views on the tax treatment applicable to…

Ronen Avner, Eyal Bar-Zvi, Eitan Ella, Ehab Farah, Meir Linzen, Shachar Porat

Retention Mechanisms of Founders and Key Employees (Reverse Vesting and Holdback)

Israel - June 14 2017 On June 12, 2017, the Israel Tax Authority (the "ITA") published on its website a circular (the "Circular") addressing the tax implications of two…

Meir Linzen, Shachar Porat

Revisions to Tax Treaty between Israel and the United Kingdom

Israel, United Kingdom - February 6 2019 On January 17, 2019, Israel and the UK signed a significant Amending Protocol to the 1962 Income Tax Treaty between the two contracting States. The…

Guy Katz, Meir Linzen

Fintech in Israel

Israel - September 6 2019 A wide-ranging guide to fintech in Israel, including regulatory treatment of key technologies, innovation climate and government support.

Adar Bengom, Israel (Ruly) Ber, Neta Dorfman-Raviv, Karen Elburg, Roi Hayun, Or Hoffer, Guy Katz, Liat Maidler, Jenia Melkhior, Ayelet Regavim-Kahanov, Efrat Tzur, Ariel Yosefi

Tax Breaks to Encourage Technology Companies in Israel

Israel, OECD - August 7 2016 Last week, a draft government decision was published as part of the Economic Plan for the years 2017 and 2018 aimed at encouraging the activities of…

Eldad Chamam, Meir Linzen