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Non-profit organizations will need to obtain approval from the Israel Tax Authority (VAT) to participate in government tenders as non-profit organizations

Israel - September 28 2022 On August 15, 2022, the Israel Tax Authority (“ITA”) published guidelines regarding non-profit organizations that bid to provide services in…

Mordechai (Moti) Fogel, Meir Linzen, Iris Weinberger

New VAT Ruling of the Districts Court - Recognizing that Credit Notices may be Issued for "Bad Debt" Even if Seller Receives Proceeds of Credit Risk Insurance

Israel - February 14 2022 Israel's District Court has rejected the Tax Authority's position and ruled that proceeds of credit risk insurance received in respect of the unpaid…

Mordechai (Moti) Fogel, Meir Linzen, Iris Weinberger

More Interest on the Taxation of Carried Interest

Israel, USA - January 26 2021 For several years now, an ongoing debate around the taxation of carried interest received by investment fund managers has occupied professionals…

Tal Dror-Schwimmer, Ehab Farah, Michal Lavi, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot

The VAT authorities’ postpones the date for submission of the monthly VAT return and the payment of the applicable VAT

Israel - January 10 2021 In light of the situation of the businesses in Israel and in order to assist the business sector, which faces cash flow difficulties due to, among…

Mor Goldschmidt, Meir Linzen, Iris Weinberger

Delayed Tax Refunds | Your Right for VAT Refunds During the COVID-19 Crisis

Israel - March 15 2020 Dear Friends and Colleagues, The outbreak of COVID-19 has had (and indeed continues to have) a significant adverse impact on international trade and…

Meir Linzen, Iris Weinberger