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Recommendations of the International Taxation Reform Committee

Israel - November 16 2021 We would like to update you that the Israel Tax Authority Committee for International Tax Reform, headed by CPA (Advocate ) Roland Am Shalem, has…

Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot

New Green Track Ruling Applications

Israel - February 6 2021 On January 31, 2021, the Israeli Tax Authority (the "ITA") published two new green track ruling applications in the following matters (i) Interim…

Efrat Kesler Kadmon

Recharge Payments relating to International Stock-Based Compensation

Israel - January 27 2021 Yesterday, the Israel Tax Authority ("ITA") published circular 1/2021 (the "Circular") addressing the ITA's views on the tax treatment applicable to…

Ronen Avner, Eyal Bar-Zvi, Eitan Ella, Ehab Farah, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot

Equity Based Compensation and COVID-19

Israel - April 1 2020 The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is widely reported and is posting challenges to companies worldwide. There are many…

Efrat Kesler Kadmon

New Notice of the Israel Tax Authority Regarding Stock Based Compensation: Amendment of Tax Returns following the Supreme Court Ruling in the Kontera and Finisar Cases

Israel - December 20 2018 On December 16, 2018, the Israel Tax Authority (the "ITA") published a notice that companies remunerated under the Transaction Net Margin Method, on a…

Eyal Bar-Zvi, Ofer Granot, Guy Katz, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot