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Cancellation of Debt, Bad Debts, Bond Buy-Back and Debt Restructuring

Israel - May 18 2020 In view of the recent economic slowdown in Israel as a result of the damages caused by the Coronavirus, we recently have been seeing businesses that…

Eldad Chamam, Amir Cooper, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot

The Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak on the Israeli Tax Regime

Israel - April 2 2020 The outbreak of the Coronavirus in Israel and worldwide has had a direct and wide-ranging impact on the Israeli tax regime. This impact is reflected…

Eyal Bar-Zvi, Eitan Ella, Ofer Granot, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot, Iris Weinberger

Postponement of Deadlines in Tax Procedures following the Coronavirus Outbreak

Israel - March 31 2020 Pursuant to the state of emergency that has been declared following the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Israeli government promulgated Emergency…

Eldad Chamam, Amir Cooper, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot, Iris Weinberger

COVID-19 Crisis: United States Congress Passes New CARES Act

Israel, USA - March 30 2020 Last Friday, March 27, 2020, a new bill "Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act", or the "CARES Act", was adopted in the United States…

Ehab Farah, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot

Ratification of the New Tax Treaty between Israel and Australia

Australia, Israel - February 9 2020 Further to our client update published in March 2019, in which we provided details as to the new tax treaty between Australia and Israel (the…

Anthony Leibler, Meir Linzen, Daniel Lipman Lowbeer