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A Potential Change in the Taxation of Israeli R&D Centers Might Result in Significant Tax Consequences to Multinational Enterprises Operating in Israel

Israel - March 14 2021 In a recent discussion, a senior Israel Tax Authority officer expressed the Israel Tax Authority's position that in certain circumstances, Israeli…

Ronen Avner

New Court Rulings in Israel - Israeli Court Narrows the Tax Benefits for New Immigrants

Israel - December 7 2020 Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends, Two new court rulings that were published in the last couple of weeks, cast some light on the interpretation of…

Meir Linzen

Accelerate Depreciation Regulations - Approved

Israel - November 18 2020 Following our August update regarding the publication of draft accelerated depreciation regulations to public comments, we are happy to update that…

Eldad Chamam, Amir Cooper, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot

Dramatic Change in the Taxation of Share Redemptions - a New Israeli District Court Ruling

Israel - November 8 2020 Last week (1.11.2020), Judge Orit Weinstein of the Haifa District Court rendered its decision in the tax appeal of Beit Hossen Ltd. and its…

Eldad Chamam, Amir Cooper, Ehab Farah, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot

Publication of the Accelerated Depreciation Regulations Draft

Israel - August 18 2020 In light of the extensive financial ramifications of the Coronavirus crisis, the Government of Israel published draft regulations1 that are intended…

Eldad Chamam, Amir Cooper, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot