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Valuating IP that is Transferred Out of Israel - New Tel Aviv District Court Ruling

Israel - November 15 2022 The Tel Aviv District Court issued a new ruling in the tax appeal filed by C A Software Israel Ltd. (“C A Software”). The C A Software ruling is the…

Ronen Avner, Eyal Bar-Zvi, Eldad Chamam, Amir Cooper, Ehab Farah, Ofer Granot, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot

Finance Committee Approves Master File and CbCR Regulation Changes and other TP Requirements

Israel - June 15 2022 Following on from our updates in March and April of this year, on June 14th, 2022 the Finance Committee of the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) has…

Eyal Bar-Zvi, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot

Memorandum of Law to Amend the Land Taxation Law

Israel - January 22 2022 On January 13, 2022, a legislation memorandum was published to amend the Land Taxation Law (the "Memorandum"). The Memorandum proposes to include a…

Eldad Chamam, Tal Hamdi, Meir Linzen

Client Update: Proposed Legislation Offers Tax Benefits to High-Tech Companies and High-Tech Investors

Israel - November 4 2021 The Ministry of Justice of the State of Israel recently published a memorandum for a new law to incentivize the…

Eldad Chamam, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot

The OECD Reaches Agreement on Two-Pillar Corporate Tax Reform

Israel, OECD - October 10 2021 The OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (the IF) issued a statement last Friday (October 8, 2021) that it has agreed on…

Eyal Bar-Zvi, Amir Cooper, Ehab Farah, Ofer Granot, Meir Linzen, Yuval Navot