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Israeli Export Controls and Sanctions - a Year in Review

Israel - December 15 2021 2021 was another exciting year in the world of Israeli export controls and sanctions. As always, this field of technology and regulation continued…

Israel adds Biotech Software to its Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Dual Use Export Control List

Israel - December 2 2021 This past August (2021), the Australia Group (AG) amended its Control List of Dual-Use Biological Equipment and Related Technology and Software to…

Snapshot: domestic bribery laws in Israel

Israel - February 19 2021 A look at the key features of the legal framework applicable to the bribery of domestic public officials in Israel, including the extent of liability, defences, enforcement patterns and more.

Daniel Reisner, Ra'anan Sagi

In brief: foreign bribery laws in Israel

Israel - February 19 2021 A look at some of the key features of the laws in Israel prohibiting bribery of foreign public officials, covering the extent of liability, defences and enforcement patterns, among other things.

Daniel Reisner, Ra'anan Sagi

Israel’s Updated Export Control List of Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Related Items

Israel - February 7 2021 The Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry (MOE) recently announced its updated export control list of chemical, biological and nuclear-related…