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The Complete EU-US Data Protection Laws Playbook

European Union, USA - June 13 2022 The European GDPR came into force 4 years ago, and introduced a new comprehensive data protection regime affecting companies all over the world.…

Israel (Ruly) Ber, Moran Bergman, Tom Borenstein, On Dvori, Kevin David Gampel, Eden Lang, Ido Manor, Or Noy, Dan Shalev, Dima Zalyalyeyev

Navigating through the Legal and Practical Aspects of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Israel - May 25 2022 In the recent years, blockchain technology has begun…

Eden Lang, Or Noy, Dima Zalyalyeyev

Connecticut is the Fifth US State to Enact a Comprehensive Privacy Law

USA - May 2 2022 Connecticut's legislators have recently enacted a new and comprehensive privacy act, titled 'an Act Concerning Personal Data Privacy and Online…

Tom Borenstein

EU Agrees on the Digital Services Act to Regulate Internet Platforms

Israel - April 26 2022 The Council and the European Parliament have reached a provisional political agreement on the draft Digital Services Act (“DSA“), which is now…

Kevin David Gampel

DOJ Releases Guidance on Website Accessibility

USA - March 30 2022 The US Department of Justice (“DOJ“) recently published its Guidance on website accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (the…

Moran Bergman