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China Issues New Versions of Negative Lists for Foreign Investment

China - January 10 2022 Since 2018, China started to implement the “Negative List” approach for the administration of foreign investment nationwide, and has updated the…


China - January 10 2022 自2018年起,中国开始全面实施外商投资准入负面清单管理模式,并定期更新发布负面清单。负面清单统一列出外商投资准入方面的特别管理措施…

Extended period for IIT preferential policy of allowances for foreign individuals

China - January 4 2022 On December 31, 2021, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation have decided to continue that the IIT preferential policy of…

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China - January 4 2022 2021年12月31日,财政部和国家税务总局决定延续实施外籍个人津补贴(例如探亲费、住房津贴、子女教育费等)个人所得税优惠政策。 该优惠政策延至2023年12月31日。…

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China: Extended period for some IIT preferential policies

China - December 30 2021 On December 29, 2021, the executive meeting of the State Council has decided to continue the implementation of some IIT preferential policies as…

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