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Prince in Perpetuity: Preserving a Legacy through Trademarks

USA - April 28 2016 Art often lives on long after the artist, serving as the artist's legacy for generations. After an extraordinary career, Prince Rogers Nelson…

Irina Lyapis.

No excuses! When it comes to trademark infringement, sue fast or stand down

USA - February 3 2015 Almost two years ago, Fitbug and Fitbit went to court in California. Fitbug is a U.K. Company, founded in 2004, that had quickly obtained two…

Tamara Fraizer PhD.

Drumpf or Trump: The Name Confirmed

USA - June 10 2016 Comedian John Oliver's antics rarely stop with his HBO show, "Last Week Tonight." After discovering Donald Trump's ancestral name, Drumpf, John…

Irina Lyapis.

The difference a slash can make – using a trademark within a URL

USA - November 18 2014 Does using a company's trademark within a URL violate Trademark Law? The answer to this question depends in part on where in the URL the trademark is…

Menesha Mannapperuma.

Drumpf or Trump: The Name or The Brand?

USA - March 29 2016 Campaign season makes ripe political commentary. On February 28, 2016, comedian John Oliver featured a segment on his show "Last Week Tonight" about…

Irina Lyapis.