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The Ruling of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court Dated Jan. 27, 2021 The scope of the Supreme Court's review when defendants appeal the charges they are guilty of

Taiwan - February 26 2021 Under Paragraph 1 of Article 9 of the Criminal Speedy Trial Act ("CSTA"), the public prosecutor or private prosecutor is entitled to appeal only a…

Sophie Kao.


Taiwan - October 31 2017 刑事訴訟的審級制度原則上是採三級三審制,亦即不服高等法院之第二審或第一審判決,仍得提起上訴至最高法院...

Kevin Liu.

Achieving Protection of the Right to Litigate under the Constitution Introduction to Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. Shi-752 and the Draft Amendment to Article 376 of the Code of Criminal Procedure

Taiwan - October 31 2017 Taiwan's Code of Criminal Procedure is applicable to three trial instances. A person disagreeing with a judgment rendered by the High Court in the…

Ethan Lin, Kevin Liu.

Summary of Amendments to Money Laundering Control Act

Taiwan - August 28 2017 The third round of the mutual evaluation of the Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering is scheduled for the end of 2018. To harmonize Taiwan's…

Wei-Chen Chang.


Taiwan - August 28 2017 我國將於2018年年底迎接亞太防制洗錢組織(Asia/Pacific Group on Money…