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Office Action from Intellectual Property Office as an Evidence of Criminal Intent for Criminal Trademark Infringement

Taiwan - September 30 2020 In addition to civil liability, a trademark infringer might also be found criminally liable for trademark infringement under the Trademark Act in…

Ruey-Sen Tsai

In Invalidation Proceedings, Whether a Trademark is Distinctive Should be Determined Based on the Time of the Registration of the Trademark

Taiwan - September 30 2020 According to the definition incorporated in Article 18 of the Trademark Act, a trademark shall refer to any sign with distinctiveness, which may be…

Ruey-Sen Tsai

License of an Unregistered Trademark Not a Defense against Trademark Infringement Claim Raised by Registered Trademark Owner

Taiwan - August 17 2020 Taiwan adopts a "first-to-file" trademark system, which means that the protection over a trademark is granted to the first applicant to file an…

Ruey-Sen Tsai

False Claim as General Agent Violate Fair Trade Act

Taiwan - August 17 2020 Manufacturers often rely on their agents or distributors to take care of the business in the regional markets they are not familiar with. It is not…

Ruey-Sen Tsai

A Trademark that Includes the Well-known Stage Name of a Professional Athlete should be Refused of Registration

Taiwan - June 9 2020 To attract attention, it is not uncommon for celebrities to adopt "stage names" in relation to their professional activities. Such "stage names" may…

Ruey-Sen Tsai