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Spruson & Ferguson

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Q1 l 2020

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Dead or Alive: Statuses, Patent Expiries and Kind Codes - Part 3

Australia - August 26 2021 I’m exploring statuses, patent expiries and kind codes in a three part series of articles. The first article on statuses can be found here, and the…

Frazer McLennan

Double patenting in New Zealand - you possibly didn’t need an oracle to see this one coming

Australia, New Zealand - July 13 2021 Double patenting has been seen as a significant issue in New Zealand patent law ever since the introduction of the Patents Act 2013 - and with it…

Jon Wright, PhD

Abolition of Australia’s innovation patent - 25 August 2021 is the magic date - Here’s what you need to know…

Australia - June 23 2021 The abolition of Australia's second-tier "innovation patent" system has been well publicised and comes with a "magic date" of 25 August 2021. But…

Dead or Alive: Statuses, Patent Expiries and Kind Codes - Part 1

Australia, European Union, Global, United Kingdom, USA - June 9 2021 Some patent offices explicitly report the status of an application, while others make you dig a little deeper, and some make you work hard for that…

Frazer McLennan

World IP Day 2021 - IP and SMEs make strange bedfellows - at least, in Australia

Australia, Global - April 26 2021 WIPO’s annual “World IP Day” is 26 April 2021. This year’s theme is “IP & SMEs: Taking your ideas to market”. Now, in most developed countries, one…