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Managing the World of Cybersecurity in a New Era

USA - February 24 2021 Cyberattacks have become big business from the standpoint of attackers. Threat actors range well beyond cults of old, and now including sophisticated…

Kari Rollins.

Nota Bene Episode 13: Human Capital and Defining the Relationship with Your Workforce in the 21st Century

USA - November 28 2018 Investing in the development of human capital can prove to be an invaluable asset for a company looking to grow and innovate. What should employers…

Morgan Forsey.

Nota Bene Episode 54: My Two Cents: Healthcare Industry Consolidations, Climate Change Regulations, Governance Crisis Management, Tech and the Music Industry, and Government Check-In

USA - October 16 2019 In this recap Episode, host Michael Cohen Extracts the valuable lessons shared by our guests in the prior 5 episodes. He offers his two cents about…

Note Bene Episode 3: Implementing Blockchain Technology to Improve Operations

USA - September 19 2018 Blockchain stands to be the most disruptive technology in the world. Its adoption by multinationals is crucial to their success. How can the C-Suite…

James G. Gatto.

Nota Bene Episode 5: The Brexit Deadline and Its Impacts on Multinational Businesses

European Union, United Kingdom - October 3 2018 Brexit is expected to have a significant impact on multinationals doing business in and with Europe and the United Kingdom. From the impact on tariffs…

Oliver Heinisch.