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Los Angeles Superior Court Invalidates California Board Diversity Statute, Rendering It Ripe for Review by the California Court of Appeal

USA - April 8 2022 In CREST v. Padilla, No. 20STCV37513 (Cal. Super. Apr. 1, 2022), the Superior Court of California for the County of Los Angeles (Green, J.) declared…

Chloe Chung, Alejandro E. Moreno

California Court of Appeal Addresses Derivative Standing and Failure of Oversight Claims Under Delaware Law

USA - April 6 2022 In Tola v. Bryant, No. 16150, 2022 Cal. App. LEXIS 241 (Cal. App. Mar. 24, 2022), the First Appellate District of the California Court of Appeal…

Alejandro E. Moreno

California Court of Appeal Holds that SEC Filings May Be Protected Activities Under Anti-SLAPP Statute

USA - January 14 2022 On December 27, 2021, the California Court of Appeal issued two decisions addressing whether claims arising from statements made in filings with the…

Valerie E. Alter, Gian Ryan

Delaware Supreme Court Shines Spotlight on Boilerplate Purchase Agreement Provisions

USA - December 29 2021 This December, the Delaware Supreme Court penned two decisions that shined the spotlight on purchase agreement provisions that are often…

Eugene Choi

Delaware Supreme Court Holds that Equity Dilution and Expropriation Claims May Only Be Brought Derivatively, Overruling Prior Precedent

USA - October 1 2021 In Brookfield Asset Mgmt. V. Rosson, No. 406, 2020, 2021 Del. LEXIS 291 (Del. Sept. 20, 2021), the Delaware Supreme Court held that claims for…

Alejandro E. Moreno, Gian Ryan