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The Government Contractor’s Guide to (Not) Doing Business with Russia

Russia, Ukraine, USA - April 28 2022 The United States is engaging in a new form of warfare. Russia invaded Ukraine just over two months ago and, rather than join the fight directly by…

Ryan E. Roberts, Reid Whitten

“Build America, Buy America” - New Guidelines Issued for U.S. Infrastructure Projects

USA - April 19 2022 On April 18, 2022, the Biden Administration (through the Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”)) issued OMB Memorandum M-22-11 (the “Guidance”)[1]…

David S. Gallacher

The Impact of DOD’s Enhanced Debriefings Rule on Bid Protest Timeliness

USA - March 30 2022 On March 18, 2022, the Department of Defense (“DOD”) issued its long-awaited Final Rule implementing Section 818 of the National Defense…

Ryan E. Roberts

Few Surprises - New Rule Implementing Biden’s “Made in America” Changes the Buy American Act Effective October 2022

USA - March 9 2022 Over a year after the Biden Administration issued Executive Order 14005 on “Ensuring the Future is Made in America by All of America’s Workers,”…

David S. Gallacher

Fasten Your Seatbelts - Proposed Rule Implementing Biden’s “Buy American” Mandates

USA - August 16 2021 Change is in the air for the Buy American Act (“BAA”). On July 30, 2021, the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council published a proposed rule to the…

David S. Gallacher