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Help! They've got Grandma's Data and They're Holding it for Ransom!

USA - May 10 2016 ​Imagine if you started to open a resident's file on your computer and this message came up on your screen against a red background: YOUR IMPORTANT…

David R. Broyles

Recent nursing facility CON decision creates controversy

USA - August 6 2013 A recent decision in the Wake County nursing facility certificate of need (CON) case includes a new take on quality of care in the CON context that…

Pamela A. Scott

The encryption “magic bullet” how to make sure your encryption solution hits the target

USA - September 23 2010 Every organization in business today is holding personal information about individuals.

Pamela A. Scott

CON Section, may I?

USA - September 2 2010 Thinking of converting semiprivate to private rooms, or renovating an existing facility to make it more home-like and family-friendly?

Pamela A. Scott