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Coping with the threat of fraudulent funds transfers in light of recent case law developments

USA - October 3 2012 Criminal schemes to steal consumer and business funds through fraudulent wire transfers are increasing in frequency and sophistication.

Lessons learned from target’s data breach discovery win, five strategies for maintaining privilege in the aftermath of a data breach

USA - October 29 2015 ​A thousand questions immediately flood any lawyer's mind when they first hear that their client may have been affected by a data breach. How did it…

Elizabeth H. Johnson

Privacy regulators take to the web in search of deficient privacy policies

USA - May 30 2013 Regulators have historically taken a reactive approach to privacy and information security issues related to websites and mobile apps, often waiting…

Elizabeth H. Johnson

President Obama’s cybersecurity executive order and what it means for your organization

USA - February 14 2013 On February 12, President Obama signed a much-anticipated cybersecurity executive order intended to "enhance the security and resilience" of U.S…

Elizabeth H. Johnson

HIPAA risk analysis

USA - February 6 2013 HIPAA relies heavily on risk analysis in multiple contexts. For example, risk analysis has a major role in the Breach Notification Rule under the new…

Elizabeth H. Johnson