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New Russian regulations strike a blow against e-cigarettes and other nicotine products

Russia - September 1 2020 Russia’s antismoking legislative campaign began in 2013 with the federal law "On Protecting the Health of the Citizens from the Effects of Secondhand…

Bogdan Tuzenko

Key covid-19 considerations for your business - An update on our multi-jurisdictional overview

Global, United Kingdom - August 4 2020 Both COVID-19 itself and the severe financial impact the virus and associated lockdown has had on the UK economy, have led not only to a large number…

Tim Casben, Vivian Desmonts, Sunil Kakkad, Tan Choon Leng, Simon Lowe, Wendy J. Wagner

Trade Secrets - The what, how and where of international protection

Canada, Global - June 8 2020 Following the introductory webinar in our "Lifecycle of a Smart Idea" series, our global IP professionals took a closer look at trade secrets and…

Anita Nador, Christopher C. Van Barr, Jonathan Ball, Céline Bey, Gordon Harris, Ivy Liang

Russian ministry supports bid to liberalise advertising law

Russia - May 27 2020 The advertising market, like many others, has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting financial fallout. The Russian…

The essentials of publicity rights in Russia

Russia - November 19 2019 A compact Q&A outlining the legal foundations and protection of publicity rights in Russia.