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Scaling and commercialising strategies: key forms of agreement

Canada - March 3 2022 Paul Armitage (Canada), Vivian Desmonts (China) and Mathilda Davidson (United Kingdom) discuss the types of agreements that arise when a business is…

Paul Armitage, Mathilda Davidson

Crucial clauses in global IP transactions and the importance of local law advice

Global - December 16 2021 When it comes to cross-border commercial transactions involving intangible assets, local legal advice can be critical to ensuring the enforceability…

Paul Armitage, Mathilda Davidson

The choice of forum - a Local Court or International Arbitration?

China - October 26 2021 Due to the independence of the judiciary in each country or region, an award or a judgment rendered in one jurisdiction does not necessarily mean that…

Ivy Liang, Jamie Rowlands

Risk Prevention and Strategy for Trade Secret Protection in China

China - September 8 2021 The China Civil Code, effective from 1 January 2021, attaches great importance to the protection of trade secrets, with Article 123 of the Civil Code…

Ivy Liang, Jamie Rowlands

Trade secret protection in China in the era of civil code

China - August 11 2021 On 26 February 2021, the Supreme People's Court of China (the "SPC") handed down the second-instance judgment for the dispute between the plaintiffs…

Ivy Liang, Jamie Rowlands, Evelyn Zhang