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Energy Innovators Roundtable Series | What you need to know - Key COP26 takeaways for Ontario energy businesses

Canada - November 18 2021 In 2015, for the first time ever, 196 countries came together for the United Nations Climate Change Conference to adopt the legally binding treaty on…

Adam Chamberlain

Energy Innovators Roundtable Series | Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the Ontario Energy Sector

Canada - October 22 2021 In an evolving global energy market, Canadian employers need to draw upon our country's vast array of skills, experiences, and perspectives in order…

P.A. Neena Gupta

Energy Innovators Roundtable Series | Reshaping regulation to recognize the imperative for technological change

Canada - September 24 2021 Whether they like it or not, energy regulators are the new gatekeepers of the technology shift that is needed to meet Canada's carbon reduction goals…

Ian A. Mondrow

To renegotiate or unilaterally revise? Help for would-be energy procurement rule changers on both sides of the Atlantic

Canada - May 11 2021 Over the past year, government agencies on both sides of the Atlantic have expressed a nascent desire to re-negotiate energy procurement contracts…

Antoine Pampouille, Shamus Slaunwhite

Canada starting to move on climate-related financial system risk

Canada - March 8 2021 On January 22, 2021, the Ministry of Finance in Ontario, Canada, released the final report of the "Capital Markets Modernization Taskforce" (the…

R. Ian Mitchell