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Speech from the throne - Building a resilient economy: A cleaner & healthier future for our kids

Canada - November 24 2021 Governor General Mary Simon delivered her first Speech from the Throne in the Senate yesterday, outlining the Government's vision and priorities for…

Jacques J. M Shore, Michael Walsh

The Role of House of Commons Standing Committees in a Minority Government

Canada - November 19 2021 With Parliament convening on Monday, it is worthwhile to recognize that Standing Committees play a critical role in the operations of the House of…

Jacques J. M Shore, Michael Walsh

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveils new cabinet

Canada - October 26 2021 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled his new Cabinet this morning. This was a major Cabinet overhaul, with significant departures and additions in…

Jacques J. M Shore, Michael Walsh

Results of the 2021 Canadian Federal Election

Canada - September 21 2021 The Liberal Party of Canada failed to secure a majority in Parliament, but will form another minority government. Little has changed in terms of seat…

Jacques J. M Shore, Michael Walsh

2021 federal election: Financial contribution rules

Canada - August 24 2021 As we enter the second week of the federal election campaign, we take a closer look at the financial contribution rules at the federal level. Campaign…

Guy Régimbald, Jacques J. M Shore