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Ratification of Cape Town Convention by the government of Canada: its effects on aircraft financing and sale in the majority of the provinces and territories in Canada

Canada - March 28 2013 On December 12, 2012, the federal government of Canada passed legislation that, in conjunction with various provincial laws, ratified its signature…

David B. Kierans, Marie-France Béland

The political climate in Québec: vision of the Plan Nord

Canada - August 9 2012 Considered by many to be a legacy issue for Québec Premier Jean Charest, the Plan Nord is an initiative by the incumbent liberal government to develop the rich economic potential of the 1.2 million km2 land mass that makes up the province’s northern territory.

Eleonora Eusepi, Martine Guimond

Hypothecs not denominated in Canadian dollars have been considered invalid by the Québec courts

Canada - March 28 2013 For a hypothec to be considered valid under Québec law it is necessary that i) it be established for a particular amount and ii) such amount…

Marie-France Béland