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Enforcing charging orders

United Kingdom - July 21 2010 The court held there are no rules or presumptions as to the size of a debt or its relative value to the security when considering orders for sale.

Greg Standing, Ian Weatherall

Duty of care and abuse of process considerations

United Kingdom - July 21 2010 In Kotonou v National Westminster Bank plc, the claimant's company entered into a loan with the defendant.

Greg Standing, Ian Weatherall

Responsible lending consultation

United Kingdom - July 21 2010 On 13 July 2010, the Financial Services Authority outlined proposals to ensure all mortgages are carefully assessed to make sure borrowers can afford them and that all lenders adopt responsible lending policies.

Greg Standing, Ian Weatherall

The meaning of charge for credit

United Kingdom - July 21 2010 The Supreme Court has upheld a Court of Appeal decision that sums included in the charge for credit (a broker administration fee in this case) are not part of the credit itself.

Greg Standing, Ian Weatherall

Review of bankruptcy order requires material change

United Kingdom - June 24 2010 The court will not review a bankruptcy order where there has been no material change and evidence subsequently adduced could have been available at the original hearing.

Greg Standing, Ian Weatherall