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Good news / BAD news - February 2023

United Kingdom - February 10 2023 Our BAD Team (that is, our Brands, Advertising and Designs Team) serves as trusted…

Charlie Bond, John Coldham

What's in a (company) name? That which can be opposed at the Company Names Tribunal

United Kingdom - December 15 2022 While sometimes overlooked as a mechanism to enforce a business' intellectual property right, the Company Names Tribunal (the Tribunal) is a forum…

Charlie Bond, Kate Swaine

Create a buzz without getting stung: 5 tips for marketing during the Rugby League World Cup 2021

United Kingdom - October 26 2022 As the 2021 Rugby League World Cup (the "RLWC2021") belatedly begins (for those not aware, it was due to take place in the Autumn of 2021 but…

Charlie Bond, John Coldham