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Guidelines for government procurement of AI in Canada

Canada, United Kingdom - July 9 2020 The World Economic Forum published its overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) procurement last month: see our blog on its toolkit and the UK's…

Daniel Chomski

COVID-19 and "excusable delay": What contractors with Canadian Federal and Provincial/Territorial governments need to know

Canada - March 25 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has already been causing significant turmoil for Canadian Federal Government and Provincial/Territorial Government…

Daniel Chomski

La COVID-19 et le « retard justifiable » : ce que les entrepreneurs sous contrat avec les gouvernements fédéral, provinciaux et territoriaux du Canada doivent savoir

Canada - March 24 2020 La pandémie de COVID-19 a déjà causé des bouleversements importants pour les entrepreneurs sous contrat avec les gouvernements fédéral, provinciaux et…

Daniel Chomski

Defence procurement Canada: An ambitious government initiative

Canada - February 26 2020 As part of its 2019 election platform, the federal Liberals announced a plan for the creation of a new Crown agency that would be responsible for…

Quin Gilbert-Walters

Ontario government announces plans for centralized procurement

Canada - March 18 2019 On March 18, 2019, the Ontario Treasury Board announced a plan to centralize the province's public sector procurement and create a more efficient…

Quin Gilbert-Walters, Stephanie Pearce, Graham S. Ragan