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Construction: What will we be talking about in 2023?

United Kingdom - January 26 2023 As noted in The Big Picture for Business 2023, 2022 was another important pivot point for the global economy. Most, if not all, of the key issues for…

Ruth Griffin, Emma Knight, Sue Ryan

Combustible materials ban expanded to include hotels - what does this mean for you?

United Kingdom - December 1 2022 In June 2022, we reported in detail on the changes being introduced by The Building etc. (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2022 (the "2022…

Tonia Magda, Sue Ryan, Gemma Whittaker

Private sector construction playbook - a common thread of intent and focus on collaboration

United Kingdom - November 17 2022 On 10 November 2022, the Construction Productivity Taskforce published Trust and productivity: The private sector construction playbook (the private…

Emma Knight, Gemma Whittaker

Managing Risk: COVID-19 Guide

European Union, United Kingdom - March 24 2020 The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is already having a profound effect on businesses worldwide, causing issues such as supply chain disruptions…

Jonathan Chamberlain, Ian Chapman-Curry, Jason Coates, Zoe Fatchen, Samantha Holland, Sushil Kuner, Andrew Litchfield, David Lowe, Ian Mason, Ashley R Pigott, Sue Ryan, Andrew Nugent Smith, Simon Stephen, Mark Stephenson

The Basics: Do you have a contract? Is there a binding agreement in place?

United Kingdom - February 13 2018 Do you know what you need to form a contract? Have you thought there was a contract in place but the agreement was not binding? Have you been party to…

Teresa Edwards, Andrew Smith