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In-house counsel's guide to COP26 - ThinkHouse

United Kingdom - October 7 2021 In November 2021 the UK will host COP26, the UN's international climate summit. More than 190 world leaders will arrive in Scotland, along with tens…

Ben Stansfield

Human rights and companies - why is it relevant and what should you do?

European Union, United Kingdom - March 29 2021 Business compliance with human rights principles is increasingly moving from something that was a nice CSR issue to mention in publicity documents to…

Kieran Laird

COVID-19 and the workforce ThinkHouse

United Kingdom - March 18 2021 The way many of us work has changed dramatically, probably permanently. Employers have already prepared for the 'Big Return' at least once before, but…

Jonathan Chamberlain

Transforming Public Procurement

United Kingdom - February 8 2021 The recently published Green Paper on transforming public procurement sets out how the government aims to speed up and simplify procurement processes…

Robert Breedon, Alison Richards

The Future of Freeports

United Kingdom - February 2 2021 The government has recently opened the bidding process for at least 10 sites for new freeports. UK seaports, airports and rail hubs are to apply for…

Bernardine Adkins, Jonathan Brufal