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Payment services and crowdfunding services are now regulated under Canada's anti-money laundering framework

Canada - May 9 2022 On April 5, 2022, changes affecting the Canada's anti-money laundering legislation, the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing…

Glen Jennings, Kavi Sivasothy

The bullwhip effect: How to contractually minimize its impact through collaboration in the production chain

Canada - April 4 2022 Introduction The bullwhip effect - an explanation of the phenomenon Increases in the price of energy, foodstuffs and services have caused the already…

Angelique A. Merakos, Mathieu Santos-Bouffard

In brief: financial services compliance programmes in Canada

Canada - February 22 2022 This Q&A covers some of the key legal, regulatory and practical considerations for financial services firms when implementing a compliance programme in Canada.

Kavi Sivasothy

Snapshot: the regulatory framework for financial services compliance in Canada

Canada - February 22 2022 A concise Q&A guide to the financial services regulatory framework in Canada, including national authorities, authorisation regime, key legislation, the scope of regulation and more.

Kavi Sivasothy

How to counter inflation-related effects in contracts: A Canadian perspective

Canada - August 30 2021 After parties enter into a contract, changes to general economic, financial and commercial conditions can leave the parties dissatisfied with the…

Mathieu Santos-Bouffard