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Apparent bias in arbitration - avoiding and challenging it

United Kingdom - December 9 2020 In a much anticipated decision, the UK Supreme Court has considered to what extent arbitrators can accept appointments in overlapping arbitrations…

Gordon Bell, Tom Price, Christopher Richards

LCIA Arbitration Rules updated - what's new?

Germany, United Kingdom - August 19 2020 On 11 August 2020, the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) released updates to its Arbitration Rules, which will come into effect on 1…

Gordon Bell

The Basics: What does "without prejudice" mean and when do I need to use it?

United Kingdom - June 25 2019 What does it mean if a letter or email you receive is marked "without prejudice" (WP) or if the other party to the dispute proposes a without…

Cathy Moore, Michael O'Shea

Rare successful challenge to arbitral award for "serious irregularity"

United Kingdom - June 19 2019 The recent Commercial Court decision in K & Others v P & Others provides a rare example of a party successfully challenging an arbitral award on…

Christopher Richards

ICC arbitration clause held unenforceable in Russia

Russia - November 26 2018 In a recent decision, the Russian Supreme Court held that the International Chamber of Commerce's (ICC) standard arbitration clause was unenforceable…

Tom Price, Christopher Richards