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Advancing recognition of Indigenous legal orders through Indigenous Constitutions

Canada - January 6 2023 Several Indigenous Nations across Canada are moving forward with the adoption of their own Constitutions to: capture in writing their legal orders…

Quinn Rochon

Nothing but the truth: Credible Net Zero Commitments and ESG Disclosures

Canada - December 5 2022 Net zero. It's a term that gets bandied about as businesses, municipalities and countries make commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions to as…

Liane Langstaff, Natalia Mioduszewski, Kip Phillips

Regulating the production of "bio-gold"

Canada - November 10 2022 In the era of climate change, biogas development offers an important opportunity to reduce carbon emissions while producing digestate as a valuable…

Karly Dutcyvich, Emma Hobbs, Natalia Mioduszewski

Environmental compliance audits: Five tips to protect your company

Canada - May 31 2022 With growing attention on Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives and escalating penalties for non-compliance with environmental laws, it…

Wally Braul, Harry Dahme, Quinn Rochon, Mark Youden

Alberta Court of Appeal finds Canada's Impact Assessment Act unconstitutional

Canada - May 16 2022 A recent decision by a majority of the Alberta Court of Appeal held that the Impact Assessment Act is ultra vires Parliament. This is the first…

Wally Braul, Emma Hobbs, Quinn Rochon, Mark Youden