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Lifecycle of a smart idea | Is there enough proof in the patent? Evidence in patent cases

Global - September 29 2021 Evidence is one of the most vital elements when intellectual property (IP) infringement disputes come into play. In this installment of our "Lifecycle…

Céline Bey, Ronald Edward Dimock, Selena Kim, Elliot Papageorgiou, Jamie Rowlands

Federal Court Guidance on Virtual Trial Procedure

Canada - May 29 2020 A Federal Court trial previously adjourned as a consequence of COVID-19 will now be heard remotely. In an effort to maintain judicial operations…

Harvey Lim

Paradigm Shift 2: More recommended changes to Canadian copyright law announced

Canada - June 5 2019 On June 3, 2019, Parliament's Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology released its Statutory Review of the Copyright Act. Section 92 of…

Kevin Sartorio, James Green

版权界的大地震 2: 公布对加拿大版权法的更多建议修改

Canada - June 5 2019 2019年6月3日,议会的工业、科学与技术常务委员会宣布其将对《版权法》(《法案》)进行法定复核。《版权法》第92条规定,《法案》必须每五年由议会委员会进行一次复核,而该法定复核是自2012年加拿大版权立法改革(通过了《版权现代化法》)以来进行的第一次全面复核。…

Kevin Sartorio, James Green

Paradigm shift: Recommended changes to Canadian copyright law announced

Canada - May 16 2019 On May 15, 2019, Parliament's Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage released a report entitled Shifting Paradigms containing a set of 22 different…

Kevin Sartorio, James Green