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The importance of sustainable supply chains - ThinkHouse

United Kingdom - April 12 2022 Sustainability and transparency in the supply chain is of growing importance, with tighter regulation and reporting moving it from a reputational…

David Lowe, Sarah Riding, Ben Stansfield

How to make sure your public sector outsourcing project is lawful

United Kingdom - April 6 2022 Whether you are a civil servant outsourcing a public service or a supplier bidding for Government work, you need to be aware of the doctrine of vires…

Benjamin Obinali

Business & Human Rights: UK groups propose new offence of failure to prevent human rights abuses

United Kingdom - November 30 2021 Civil society groups in the UK are campaigning for a new law, which would be modelled on the 2010 Bribery Act, to establish a 'failure to prevent'…

In brief: political finance in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - April 7 2021 A brief guide to the key laws and regulations governing the funding of political parties and campaigns in United Kingdom.

John P Cooper

At a glance: government lobbying in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - April 7 2021 A look at the legal provisions applicable to government lobbying activities in United Kingdom, including key registration and disclosure requirements.

John P Cooper