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Bad Faith Trademark Applications

Global - January 31 2019 This is our fifth international article featuring our trademark expert teams from Canada, China, France, Germany, Russia, Singapore, the UK and the…

David Aylen, Stuart Ash, Céline Bey, Aleksandra Galkina, Manuela Finger, LL.M, Jon Parker, Jamie Rowlands

Kingspan v Rockwool: comparative advertising in the spotlight

United Kingdom - February 21 2011 In the wake of L'Oreal v Bellure, the subject of comparative advertising is again in the spotlight.

Cerryg Jones

Use of third party brands: dos and don'ts in social media and advertising

United Kingdom - April 27 2020 Social media marketing is a powerful resource for brands, but the line between what is private and personal and what is commercial is becoming…

Kate Hawkins, Zoe Pearman, Dan Smith

Free trade zones & their role in counterfeiting & piracy in China, the UAE and Singapore

China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates - October 17 2017 This webinar considers free trade zones in Singapore, China and the UAE and in particular; their impact on counterfeit and pirate goods; the…

Jon Parker, Jamie Rowlands

Updates from Intellectual Property Offices and national courts in response to Covid-19: UK, France & Germany

European Union, France, Germany, United Kingdom - March 19 2020 Amid the spread of COVID-19 and social distancing, Intellectual Property Offices and national courts who hear IP matters have advised of the…

Céline Bey, Manuela Finger, LL.M