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Public Law Case Update - Top Ten Cases of 2019

European Union, United Kingdom - January 27 2020 As well as some headline grabbing Brexit litigation, 2019 featured many important cases for public authorities and those that deal with them. Our…

Kieran Laird

Regulation of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the UK

United Kingdom - August 19 2019 As the seat of the first Industrial Revolution, the UK has a long history of designing regulatory solutions to the challenges posed by technological…

Matt Hervey

Lobbying in the UK - what you need to know

Canada, European Union, United Kingdom - May 8 2018 Over the coming years Brexit will bring with it the possibility of changes to various UK laws, as well as new opportunities for businesses outside the…

Kieran Laird

The ‘manifestly without reasonable foundation’ proportionality test applies outside the context of welfare benefits - but may make little difference

United Kingdom - August 21 2020 In R (On the Application Of Drexler) v Leicestershire County Council [2020] EWCA Civ 502 the Appellant sought to challenge changes to the Respondent’s…

Kieran Laird, Ravi Randhawa

Brexit - what vote Leave means for UK life sciences

European Union, United Kingdom - July 4 2016 On 23 June 2016, in a national referendum, the population of the UK voted by a narrow majority (52%) to leave the European Union (EU). What does this…

Patrick Duxbury