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Faithless fiduciaries and employment bonuses: when can a company refuse to pay?

Canada - March 22 2012 Rossetto was an employee and vice-president of the plaintiff construction company, Mady.

Benjamin Na

Ontario’s new tort of invasion of privacy

Canada - February 3 2012 The Ontario Court of Appeal in Jones v. Tsige has confirmed Ontario law recognises a right to bring a civil action for damages for the invasion of privacy: There is now a new cause of action in Ontario for ‘intrusion upon seclusion.’

James Tumbridge, Kyle Magee

The "fraud exception" in Mareva injunctions is no exception

Canada - October 17 2011 In Sibley & Associates LP v. Ross, 2011 ONSC 2951 (S.C.J.), Justice Strathy of the Superior Court of Justice has clarified inconsistent jurisprudence on the ‘fraud exception’ in ex parte applications for Mareva injunctions: he found that evidence of a real risk that the assets in question may be dissipated or transferred out of the jurisdiction is required, and the idea that evidence of fraud alone was an accepted basis was wrong.

Holstering the hired guns: the medical expert’s duty is to the court, not the litigant

USA - October 13 2011 At issue before Master Short was a motion by the plaintiff for an undertaking requiring the defendant to make concurrent disclosure of any medical surveillance provided to its expert to the plaintiff.