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The landlord, the trustee in bankruptcy and the deposit: Who is entitled to the deposit when a tenant files for bankruptcy?

Canada - April 23 2020 As the economic crisis brought on by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic deepens, commercial landlords would be wise to review the deposit…

Cristina Borbely, Jeffrey Bradshaw

COVID-19 and the real estate development industry: Important next steps for new home builders

Canada - March 19 2020 Beyond the significant impact the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is taking upon individuals' personal lives, COVID-19 is also making a notable impact…

Cristina Borbely, Rosa Lupo

No more grace: New record keeping requirements are now in effect for all Ontario land owners.

Canada - January 10 2019 The grace period is over. All Ontario corporations that hold a legal or beneficial interest in real property in Ontario are now subject to more…

Karen E. Hennessey

Newfoundland Court of Appeal outlines the required elements for a contractual defence of unconscionability

Canada - September 28 2017 Whether or not a contract is legally enforceable is a question that garners considerable attention within the legal community. When faced with making…

Andrew C. Griffin

Amendments to Ontario’s corporate record-keeping requirements and forfeited property rules: What lenders should know for their corporate borrowers

Canada - December 15 2016 Pursuant to several recent legislative amendments and enactments, Ontario corporations holding a legal or beneficial interest in real property in…

Karen E. Hennessey