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The Basics: Funding options for commercial disputes

United Kingdom - July 9 2019 The legal costs incurred in pursuing or defending a commercial claim can be substantial. Although the general rule in commercial disputes is that the…

Ashley R Pigott, Andrew Nugent Smith.

The Basics: What do I need to know about Part 36 offers to settle?

United Kingdom - May 8 2019 The usual position, in commercial claims proceeding in the courts of England and Wales, is that the loser pays the legal costs of the winning party -…

Catherine Naylor, Michael O'Shea.

The basics: how do I obtain security for costs against an opponent?

United Kingdom - April 30 2019 A claimant can, on the whole, choose whether to commence proceedings (and incur the costs of doing so) or not. A defendant, once served with…

Ashley R Pigott, Andrew Nugent Smith.

The Basics: Service of proceedings within the jurisdiction - top 10 questions answered

United Kingdom - April 2 2019 Once proceedings have been issued, the claim form must be served correctly within a specified period to ensure that the claim is properly brought to…

Sue Ryan, Ian Weatherall.

Finance litigation April 2019: recent cases and issues

United Kingdom - April 2 2019 The Court of Appeal has recently confirmed that service of a compliant default notice under s 87(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA) is not…

Turon Miah, Ian Weatherall.