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Foreign parties doing business in China - don't dismiss Chinese governing law and dispute resolution clauses

China - August 31 2017 Foreign investors into China may naturally assume that it is advantageous to seek the law and court with which they are familiar to govern their…

John Chung


China - June 22 2018 在本期在中国营商的系列文章中,我们将强调担任中国注册公司,诸如:外商独资企业(WFOE)和中外合资企业(JV),之法定代表人或董事的自然人(含外国人)相关联的潜在法律责任。 民事责任 故意的不当行为…

John Chung, Le Rong

What the New Balance case means for those doing business in China

China - August 25 2017 In a landmark judgment in China, the global sports apparel brand, New Balance, has been awarded £1.2 million in damages and legal costs after…

Sophia Liu

Jaguar Land Rover v LandWind: acts of unfair competition and copyright infringement

China - May 23 2019 On 13 March 2019, the three-year court battle between British automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover ("JLR") and Chinese automotive manufacturer…

Alice Li

Bad Faith Trademark Applications

Global - January 31 2019 This is our fifth international article featuring our trademark expert teams from Canada, China, France, Germany, Russia, Singapore, the UK and the…

David Aylen, Stuart Ash, Céline Bey, Aleksandra Galkina, Manuela Finger, LL.M, Jon Parker, Kate Swaine