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Employee created rights and commissioned works in the field of trademarks

Global - June 11 2018 This is our fourth international article featuring our trademark expert teams from across the firm in Canada, China, France, Germany, Russia…

Maria Aronikova, Céline Bey, Vanessa Delnaud, R. Nelson Godfrey, Clémence Lapotre, Manuela Finger, LL.M, Jamie Rowlands, George Sevier, Maria Stadnik

Prior rights and registered intellectual property

European Union - June 7 2018 This article explores if the exclusive rights in a trademark can be obtained in the course of trade without registration and what is the scope of such…

Robert A. MacDonald, David Aylen, Denis Kolesnikov, Clémence Lapotre, Manuela Finger, LL.M, Jon Parker, Alice Stagg, Jian Xu