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After Copenhagen, the focus shifts to the provinces

Canada - December 31 2009 The ambiguous and noncommittal outcome of the Copenhagen climate change talks, and Canada’s statements leading to and at Copenhagen, add further uncertainty to Canada’s climate change strategy.

Mark Madras

Ontario tables cap and trade legislation

Canada - May 29 2009 This week Ontario tabled legislation creating a framework for a greenhouse gas ("GHG") cap and trade system and invited public comments on how the system should be designed.

E-waste obligations now in effect

Canada - May 6 2009 On April 1, 2009, the first phase of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE") Program Plan came into effect, imposing reporting and fee payment obligations on brand owners or other "stewards".

Harry Dahme

Amendments made to Navigable Waters Protection Act

Canada - May 6 2009 The Navigable Waters Protection Act ("NWPA"), which governs constructionin navigable waterways (e.g. bridges, pipelines and dams), has beenamended to enable the Minister of Transport or Cabinet to exempt certaintypes of projects from the approval process under the Act.

Harry Dahme

Amendments proposed to Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992

Canada - May 6 2009 A bill to amend the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992 was tabled in February 2009.

Harry Dahme