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In review: patent legislation in Russia

Russia - November 15 2021 A review of some of the key provisions of the patent legislation in Russia, covering the types of patent available, liability for infringement and grounds for invalidity, among other things.

Vladislav Ugryumov

Spotlight: patent enforcement and invalidity procedures in Russia

Russia - November 15 2021 A review of the key procedural issues surrounding patent enforcement and invalidity actions in Russia, including competent courts, timing and costs.

Vladislav Ugryumov

Anti-counterfeiting country Guide: Russia

Russia - February 4 2021 According to a recent report from Red Points, the volume of counterfeit goods worldwide has increased by 40% over one year from 2018 to 20191 . The…

Lifecycle of a smart idea | The genuine article: Developing a global anti-counterfeiting program for the first time

Global - December 10 2020 The availability in the market of counterfeit products can pose a major threat to the brand equity you’ve worked hard to establish. For organizations…

Maria Aronikova, Monique M. Couture, Ivy Liang, Jon Parker, Kate Swaine

Design Patent practice in Russia

Russia - September 16 2020 In this video you will learn more on design patents in Russia. There are three possible filing systems: Direct national filings for…