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Guide to doing business in Canada: Advertising & Product regulatory

Canada - October 15 2021 With a well-educated population, a vibrant media industry, and relatively clear regulations related to advertising and promotions, Canadians produce…

Lewis Retik

NFTs: Why a picture is worth a thousand Bitcoins

Canada - May 31 2021 The recent rage of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, exemplifies yet again how sweeping digital transformation creates new worlds for artists, the…

Thomas K. Hunter, Susan H. Abramovitch, Michael Garellek

Navigating the moral maze of driverless vehicles: Safety, risks and regulation

United Kingdom, USA - April 28 2017 Driverless vehicles continue to raise difficult legal and moral questions around safety. What are the regulatory implications for this fast-paced…

André Rivest, Stuart Young

Your Facebook page might not "like" this

Canada - September 23 2014 Facebook has announced the two (2) following important updates to its Platform Policies, which take effect on November 5, 2014. Facebook's…

René Bissonnette

Data privacy online

Canada - December 12 2012 Marketing leaders from around the world met recently in Chicago for the Annual Marketing Law Conference of the Promotion Marketing Association, entitled Converging Platforms and Diverging Laws.