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Brexit and contracts

European Union, United Kingdom - April 16 2020 As part of our ThinkHouse Brexit webinar series, David Lowe and Clark Sargent provide an overview of how to approach and mitigate some of the…

David Lowe

Economic issues surrounding brexit

European Union, United Kingdom - October 18 2019 Whether we have a Brexit deal and a managed departure from the EU through a transition (and whatever the details of that), or a 'no deal' Brexit, one…

Bernardine Adkins, Kieran Laird, David Lowe, Michael J Luckman

Brexit: Contractual issues

European Union, United Kingdom - July 31 2019 With the future of the UK and Brexit still remaining unclear, Ian Chapman-Curry, David Lowe and Clark Sargent discuss the issues arising in contract…

Ian Chapman-Curry, David Lowe

The Basics: What are the key points on contractual interpretation?

Canada - March 13 2018 In this article, we cover the basics of contractual interpretation, address common queries and explain what you can do to protect your position…

Cathy Moore, Daniel Wood

Can frustration really help you to avoid contractual obligations without paying a penalty?

United Kingdom - February 8 2018 How often can a party really use frustration successfully to avoid its contractual liabilities? The answer in reality is not very often! Cases…

Teresa Edwards